Season One Recap + The Road Ahead

Season One

Since June 23rd, we’ve run a total of 32 on-chain riddles and given out dozens of prizes to participants in the Hello Anon games.

Some riddles were easy, while others left the community baffled as The Riddler pulled out cyphers and cryptic messages that would give the NSA code breakers a run for their money.

Over a few short weeks, we’ve built a loyal community who diligently showed day after day to try their hand at beating The Riddler.

Let’s take a brief look at some highlights. Up first, a few of our most difficult riddles. Each riddle and solution is linked below.


1. The infamous JOHNX riddle. This was our first riddle to go unanswered by the community, and prompted us to turn the difficulty down a bit in the competition for Crypto Punk #6925.

2. Another cryptic riddle that went unanswered. BLACK was the answer to this multi-layered puzzle with a submission window that was open for 72 hours. Unfortunately no one got BAKC #3211 and it went back into the vault for Season Two.

3. GRIZZ was one of the most difficult puzzles solved. There was only one correct submission, giving this Anon the privilege of walking away with Meebit #6255.

4. The final riddle of Season One. Only one team was able to crack the code and beat the Riddler by figuring out that the answer was JAMIE. They walked away with a CryptoRaiders Skeleton, as well as some $RAIDER & $AURUM tokens.


Next, our Top 10 leaderboard. For on-chain riddles, players received 250 points for every correct answer, and 500 points for every win.

Special shoutout to sackman.eth for taking home the crown and winning the rare Cyborg Bored Ape.

He finished in first place with 6500 points, followed by dizi.eth, netdragonx & Bassett_Institute_for_Contemporary_Art & with 5000 points each.

On top of the Bored Ape, we also gave away some other pretty amazing prizes as well.


The list below contains the top prizes in terms of ETH value won by the players of Hello Anon.

There were dozens of other prizes as well, but this list should provide a glimpse into the value these players earned from consistently playing the game.

  1. CryptoPunk #6925–0xNigiri
  2. Bored Ape #6493— sackman.eth
  3. Bored Ape #6485 — jamievibert
  4. Gutter Cat #361 — sackman.eth
  5. Gutter Cat #2269 — netdragonx
  6. Gutter Cat #2243 — Bassett_Institute_for_Contemporary_Art
  7. Meebit #6255 — NFT_Reets
  8. Cool Cat #4777 — netdragonx
  9. CryptoRaider Skeleton #63 — Michael3

Congrats to all our winners! We’re excited to acquire new pieces and continue to give away prizes to future players.

While we can’t promise anything like a CryptoPunk or Bored Ape in the near future, we still have a good amount of prizes left over from Season One, as well as funds available to acquire new NFTs, and partnerships with other projects who have offered NFTs to our community.

The Road Ahead

Overall, we’re very happy with the way that Season One played out. This is a brand new concept in the NFT world, and Anon tiles fulfilled their role as utility NFTs that were consistently used by players to participate in on-chain riddles.

It was amazing to see players flex their brain power to beat The Riddler and win some really cool prizes.

With that being said, we know there’s a lot we can do to improve the game and provide a better experience for our community.

While we won’t be able to implement everything right away, the Anon team has proven it’s capable of taking feedback and incorporating it into both the short & long term roadmaps.

This is a still a very new idea and requires constant experimentation to fine-tune the overall experience.

Here’s what we have planned.

Season Two

Season Two will be a completely different format than Season One.

The season will run from August 25th to September 15th, with points being awarded to players as opposed to prizes. The top 3 players on the leaderboard at the end of the season will receive prizes from the vault.

The total number of riddles is contingent upon the dev team completing the self-serve UI that allows non-technical team members to run riddles. More clarity on that and a breakdown of how points are allocated will be released before the season begins.

The final list of prizes will be announced over the coming days, but we have BAKC, CryptoRaiders, Stoner Cats as well as a few others that will be available after SAS makes purchases for the vault.

On top of this, we’ll also select 3 random players from Season Two who have submitted an answer, regardless of whether it’s correct or not, and they’ll receive prizes as well.

This will allow players who aren’t confident in their riddle solving skills to still have a chance at winning.

The only time that prizes will be awarded directly to riddle winners is when we do collaborations with other projects.

We currently have two planned for Season Two, so in the event that a player wins they would receive both leaderboard points and the prize being offered by the respective project we’ve partnered with.

To summarize, there are THREE potential ways to win prizes in Season Two:

Finishing in the Top 3, randomly being selected from the pool of submissions, anhaving the winning submission in a collab riddle.


Partnering up with other communities will be a major emphasis moving forward. It will allow us to get in front of new audiences, and also obtain prizes for the vault that we may not have uncovered in our own research.

These riddles will be custom tailored for each respective community in order to get as much participation as possible.

We’re lucky to have dedicated community member Shooter McGavin helping us secure these partnerships.

The first one we’re excited to announce is with Koala Intelligence Agency!

This will take place during the first week of September.

Feel free to send Shooter a DM if there are any projects you’d like him to reach out to for a collab.

Anon Arcade

Building out a gaming ecosystem has always been the goal of this project. Starting out with Riddles, and progressing to different types of games that appeal to different skill sets and interests.

As we’ve mentioned a few times, holders of Anon tiles will always be given access to these future games before anyone else. Some games will utilize Anon tiles, and others will have new NFTs made that will be given to existing Anon tile holders.

This is a part of the longer-term vision, however here are the first two that will be available in the coming weeks.


  • As many of you have already seen, Baddies artwork has been revealed and tournaments should commence soon. You’ll be able to go head to head against other Baddies to win prizes. Details on the project can be found in the Baddies Discord.


  • This will be exclusive to those who finish in the Top 10 on the leaderboard for Seasons 1 & 2. Each address will be airdropped tiles numbered 0–9 & participate in on-chain math riddles created by The Riddler. This will start off as a short sprint for 1–3 prizes between the players, and evolve into a bigger part of the ecosystem over time.

More information will be released about the the Anon Arcade as we develop the long-term vision and think of new games for the community. As always, suggestions are welcomed.

Thank you all for your continued support! We hope you’ve all enjoyed playing the game so far and look forward to improving over the coming weeks & months.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Discord, and here on Medium for official updates.

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