The NFT community is longing for a utility based project that extends well beyond the avatars and collectibles we see populating the ecosystem today.

Time and time again we see projects that garner initial hype before fading into oblivion weeks after launch. Aside from collections like CryptoPunks and Bored Apes, there’s a lack of community engagement post purchase.

It’s also very difficult for low tier NFTs in a collection to maintain their floor as people constantly discard them in an attempt to obtain the rarest editions.

The Strawberry Hills team has experienced this first hand and devised a solution to all the problems mentioned above.

Enter Anon.

ANON is a scrabble-like NFT puzzle game, launching this month. Mint your Anon Tiles. Trade them. Collect them. Each week there will be timed riddles, you must have the right answer AND the right tiles to win. Prizes will be awarded to the winners.

Each Anon NFT will hold value based on both its rarity class as well as its utility in the game.

Anon NFTs are known as Tiles. Tiles represent letters of the alphabet and the artwork is inspired by various pop culture icons.

These are depictions rendered by our creative team and we are in no way affiliated with any of the individuals or characters that appear in the game.

No matter what tile you receive, another player in the community will always have a need for that letter. It’s a win-win for everybody as there are multiple ways in which tiles hold value.

Community members can play the game, collect tiles, or buy tiles to flip on the secondary market if they believe demand will increase after a new puzzle is released.

If you’re lucky, you’ll obtain the Anon 1/1 tile which entitles the owner to 1% of net primary sales.

Puzzle winners not only receive prizes, they’ll also earn a spot on the big brain leaderboard which brings special perks and rewards as well.

Spawning Anons

This month, our NFT sale will go live here:

We’ve created a proprietary randomness algorithm that shuffles the deck of Anons and distributes the tiles based on the probability of the rarity classes.

Anons will be available in packs of 1, 5, and 10. The more you purchase the lower the per unit price will be.

Tiles will be minted and revealed NBA Top Shot style directly after your purchase.

Once the primary sale has concluded, the only way to purchase more Anons is through the secondary market on OpenSea.

Playing the Game

Word based puzzle.
Character based puzzle.

It’s easy to play Anon.

Here are the rules of the game:

  • Puzzles will be posted in the ‘Play’ section of the site
  • Obtain tiles with the correct letters to solve the puzzle (If you don’t have the correct tiles, you can use the “Market” tab to purchase the one’s you’ll need).
  • Place your letters in the correct order
  • Click Submit before the time runs out
  • After all submissions are received, a winner will be randomly selected on-chain amongst those who solved the puzzle correctly
  • Each address will be allowed one successful submission
  • To claim a prize, you must be in possession of the successful tiles used to solve the puzzle

In addition to the rules above:

  • Only 1 Rainbow tile can be used in the solution box. Rainbow tiles are known as wildcards. Wildcards can be used as any letter in the alphabet
  • A limit of 1 prize may be claimed per account per brain teaser
  • The 1 of 1 Anon tile is regarded as a wildcard and can be used as any letter in the alphabet.

Some helpful pointers:

  • The more letters of the alphabet you own, the greater your chance of solving the puzzles
  • Hints will be dropped leading up to each puzzle release, be sure to pay attention and use these to your advantage
  • Interact with the community to discuss hints and potential strategies


Those who solve puzzles correctly will earn a spot on the big brain leaderboard, and be rewarded with special perks and prizes like CryptoPunks, Bored Apes, Punks Comics, rare physical collectibles and more.

We’ll be using a portion of primary sales to purchase the initial set of prizes. After that, we’ll use a percentage of secondary sales and other revenue streams to invest in the future prize pool.

Secondary sales are subject to market fluctuations, therefore the types of prizes acquired may change with sales volume over time.

The prize pool will be controlled by a public multi-sig wallet, so the community will always be aware of what prizes are available before they choose to participate in the games.

Roadmap — Longevity

We have several separate puzzles planned, all with unique prizes that will be released over the coming weeks.

A public prize pool will be used to fund future prizes after the initial set of puzzles are completed.

We’ll look to the community for feedback on what they’d like to see given away to the winners.

Rather than limiting ourselves to gifting NFTs, we’ve also discussed offering rare physical collectibles like Pokemon cards and signed NBA jerseys as well.

Our goal is to create a project that has the same type of engagement and longevity as classic games like Words with Friends and Angry Birds.

Strawberry Hills

Strawberry Hills is a creative collective focused on bringing premium aesthetics and functional utility to NFTs.

With over a decade of experience working with the top brands in fashion, entertainment, and tech, our team is dedicated to developing interactive games that mesmerize the NFT community.

Our current project, Anon, is the first of many games we plan on launching over the coming months and years.

What’s Next

Stay tuned for more information regarding the launch, as we’ll be dropping hints related to our inaugural puzzle.

A link to our website can be found here:

Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Discord, and here on Medium for official updates.

Best of luck, Anons.

— The Strawberry Hills Team

For all inquiries, please contact

The world’s first NFT collectible game that allows players to complete puzzles and win prizes